Press Release

On April 29, 2021, the virtual Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) will feature two Encompass Communications and Learning, Inc. instructional design experts in a workshop titled “Enhancing Employee Wellness and Well-being through Training.” Chapin Brinegar, Encompass senior director of instructional design, and Hollace Masino, Encompass senior instructional designer, will explore the benefits and lasting impacts of employee wellness as well as provide proven strategies L&D professionals can use to enhance their own curriculum with wellness training.

“This will be an interactive session that provides participants with insights and tips they can use to incorporate wellness topics into their curriculums and engage employees,” Chapin said. “We’ll also share real-world success stories that demonstrate how these strategies can help organizations enhance employee development, well-being and performance.”

TICE is a virtual corporate learning event that provides L&D professionals with the chance to meet others in the industry and gain access to ideas and solutions that can help them overcome the unique challenges they face. Learn more about Encompass’s session and register for TICE here.