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A new lens to shift your perspective—and approach

It’s easy to stay the same—to follow the well-worn path amid the safety of the herd. Most tend to play it safe, choosing known outcomes over the chance for something more. But following the herd never leads to real change.

At Encompass, we deal in the unexpected. We know it’s impossible to get ahead when you follow, so we venture into new ways of thinking. To us, being the best means moving beyond the lines. That’s what it is to be truly all-encompassing—it means widening your perspective and transforming how you think.

When you change your thought patterns, your behavior follows. We offer a new lens that will shift your approach to every aspect of your work. Our team carries years of experience and a breadth of business acumen that extends beyond communications and learning. We see the whole picture, from business strategy to end user. For us, cookie-cutter won’t cut it. That’s why we approach every project with a unique plan that uses new, innovative methods and technologies for optimal outcomes. We know the industry. We know the customer. We know the technology. And we know how to make them all sync.


To become a true partner to our clients by assessing and redefining their needs, creating a comprehensive learning and communications plan, then executing that plan to ensure long-term success


To create a world where every life sciences company can perform at their best because their personnel are well-trained and well-informed

Unique perspectives and diverse experience

Our founder Jon Madden began Encompass in 2010 after identifying a gap in how life sciences companies train their teams. In response, he developed our proprietary iEAR® approach. iEAR® enhances learning while both streamlining training time and helping learners retain knowledge. This is key. Unlike other training companies that develop training in “one and done” sessions, we become a strong partner to our clients and impart new skills and information in stages—the proven way people learn it.

Meet Our Learning Experts

Our tight-knit team excels because we constantly collaborate and call upon each person’s strengths to create the best solution for our clients. We’re super nerdy about how people learn, advancements in the life sciences, and our kids—both children and pups.

Jon Madden
Managing Partner President and Chief Financial Officer
Jim Gamgort
Managing Partner and Chief Commercial Officer
Mary Barlow
Senior Director of Media Production
Brittany Barr Rhodenhiser
Senior Director of Account Strategy
Chapin Brinegar
Senior Director of Instructional Design
Stephanie Kesterson
Account Specialist
Joanna Specht
Account Specialist
Renee Mangum
Senior Project Manager
Sarah Payne
Senior Manager, Learning Strategy and Adoption
Jenn Lalli
Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing
Julie Knipe
Manager of Content Development
Loretta Pigeon
Senior Project Manager

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