A midsized pharmaceutical company turned to Encompass for the successful launch of a novel therapy with a unique MOA.

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The Challenge:

The company needed to ensure colleagues across sales, marketing, field reimbursement, and management mastered knowledge of the product, the market, and a complex, treatment-experienced patient population. Just after we aligned with our client on a path forward, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, upending our plans and requiring an immediate pivot from live to virtual training.


Using clinical, marketplace, and technical expertise, Encompass designed a customized, virtual learning journey for each audience that involved product, market access, patient journey, and sales training. The program featured our exclusive iEAR® approach to learning and a wide variety of training solutions, including workshops, guides, and videos.

Aha Moment:

We were able to maximize engagement in a digital setting by varying group sizes and interaction tools and using a dynamic mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities.


We engaged over 100 of the company’s colleagues in home study, a launch meeting, and post-launch reinforcement activities. More than 94% of the colleagues reported that they felt “well prepared to sell” as a result of the training.