Encompass partnered with a midsized pharmaceutical company to design, develop, and deploy a learning system to ensure a successful product launch and overcome internal challenges

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The Challenge:

Our client was preparing to launch a new indication of an existing drug. At the previous meeting (before Encompass was brought in), managers did not complete all assigned training workshops with their representatives. Any new learning program had to be transferable and consistent since training was being held regionally, not at a central location.


Using our unique iEAR® approach, we deployed quick reads as pre-work introductions, introduced plug and play technology webinars for learning exploration, developed live workshops for content application, and led the teams through our proprietary gamification, Expedition Everest, for post-meeting reinforcement.

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Aha Moment:

We solved the problem of managers’ skipping parts of the workshops by implementing the plug and play technology. This technology includes a voice-over presentation that delivers information in a live setting with timers for application-based activities.


Our learning system led to a successful launch, as well as consistent knowledge levels and quality of training across the organization.