Deploy effective customized learning solutions across your organization

ASCEND™ Planning Tools

Bridge the gap between selling strategy and execution. Our proprietary selling model gives you a 7-step process, from initiating the call through gaining commitment. It also includes business planning methodologies and best practices for planning and establishing goals for target accounts. ASCEND™ comes with a digital tool to guide reps and managers through creating and reviewing their own plans.

Coaches’ Corner

Put on-demand coaching resources at your team’s fingertips. The site contains a variety of topics—including how to navigate difficult conversations, improve field rides, and assist in coaching sales-based employees. The site includes a variety of topics that can be completed in three to five minutes prior to difficult conversations, to improve field rides, or to assist in coaching sales-based employees.

Expedition Everest

Prove ROI with real-time results. Customized to your objectives, our Expedition Everest technology uses engaging challenge-based activities and leaderboards with individual and team results to drive topic mastery. Rapid, personalized feedback and a custom analysis of performance metrics identify gaps in understanding and opportunities for additional reinforcement, leading to confident, impactful teams.

Healthcare Campus

Drive topic mastery for reps, marketers, and market access teams. Walk into a virtual hospital building and learn how to navigate the hospital setting. In the payer building, watch a video on pharmacy benefits. You’ll find instructional PDFs, videos, and eModules across a vast range of relevant topics. Available on iPad or PC, Healthcare Campus provides optimal engagement for independent learning any time. Strengthen your team’s knowledge and understanding of today’s healthcare environment with this revolutionary learning experience!

Journey to Launch

Optimize launch effectiveness for a strong start. Journey to Launch (JTL) ensures teams are well prepared for your product or project launch. With game-inspired learning, JTL challenges teams to increase knowledge. A series of short, strategic reinforcements guides teams across a virtual map straight to your launch destination. This interactive technology motivates learners to arrive prepared and effectively engaged in live trainings. Real-time leaderboards and custom performance analysis facilitate two-way communication and alert you to knowledge gaps for quick reinforcement. Educate. Assess. Reinforce!

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