Press Release

Encompass Communications and Learning announced today the launch of Cultivate. This fully customizable suite of reinforcement solutions is designed to foster application in the flow of work to ensure training produces results that last.

“We all know training benefits vanish if they aren’t reinforced,” explained Jon Madden, Encompass’s Managing Partner, President, and Chief Financial Officer. “Encompass’s Cultivate solutions protect our clients’ training investments by maximizing learner engagement through a dedicated series of reinforcement events grounded in social learning.”

The Encompass team begins each Cultivate reinforcement plan by partnering with the client to identify and understand the organization’s critical priorities as well as the skills that most need development. Encompass then recommends a customized selection of reinforcement tactics best suited to bridge training gaps, reinforce learning, and drive impact in the shortest period of time.

“At Encompass, we pride ourselves on being true partners with our clients,” said Madden. “Cultivate better enables us to live this mission by empowering us to tailor learning reinforcement to meet each client’s unique needs, taking them from training to performance.”