In response to COVID-19, Encompass reinvented our client’s commercial engagement model to counteract the drastic impact the pandemic had on their sales approach and channels.

The Challenge:

When COVID-19 struck, sales representatives’ access to physicians and other key decision makers was severely limited. While responding to our client’s request for virtual engagement training, we recognized their current sales model was no longer effective and proactively alerted them that there was a vital need to find new and varied ways to interact with their customers.


After assessing the situation and gathering input from our client and other industry experts, we determined that taking a strategic, omnichannel approach to engaging customers was the best plan of action. We partnered with our client to quickly design a robust, unique commercial model that reshaped their sales structure and used a variety of tactics—including virtual engagement, telesales, direct mail, and non-personal promotion—to connect with customers. We furthered the initiative with a comprehensive training program featuring communications, virtual workshops, and other digital resources designed to preserve, cultivate, and strengthen sales reps’ customer engagement.

Aha Moment:

This unprecedented situation required strategic, innovative thinking that led us to develop a new commercial model in which the rules of engagement—as well as the roles of our client’s sales representatives and their colleagues in HUB/Patient Services, Market Access, Marketing, and Medical Affairs—were redefined and enhanced.


The new commercial engagement model was fully adopted by our client and 850 employees were trained and certified. Collaboration and effectiveness were increased across the organization, and customer engagements rose well above industry norms.