Senior Director of Media Production

Mary Barlow

Mary brings a unique perspective to the team with more than 20 years in healthcare, including insurers, pharma, medical devices, hospitals, distributors, labs, and clinical trials, combined with extensive experience in writing, from scripts and storytelling to journalism and instructional media. With Encompass, Mary leads project strategies and development, media production, and medical writing and editing. She has been recognized for her writing with participation in writers’ symposiums and membership in industry specific organizations. She graduated magna cum laude from Clark University with a bachelor’s degree in the science of professional communications.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

It’s thrilling to solve our clients’ problems, to bring them solutions that they are in turn proud to share with their colleagues and leadership, and to make their lives easier by providing them with exciting, yet reliable and actionable learning experiences that stick and stay for their audiences.


Literary writing, watercolor painting, building stuff with her hands, and caring for her mischievous poodle, who is very inappropriately named Sage.