Episode 6: Keep It Real: Make a Lasting Impact With Your Presentations

Friday, August 6, 2021

Listen in for practical presentation tips you can use to engage and motivate your audience—both in person and online. Cheryl Poulsen, creative strategist, executive producer, and presentation coach at TMW Enterprises, provides invaluable insights that can help you switch seamlessly—and powerfully— between live and virtual settings as she talks with Encompass Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing Jenn Lalli.

“I think one of the biggest things that . . . I tend to start off with the executives I’m working with is ‘What does the audience need to know?’ With everything you go through in your presentation, first ask yourself that as far as your content. ‘What do they need to know?’ as opposed to ‘What do you feel you need to share?’”

Cheryl PoulsenCreative Strategist, Executive Producer and Presentation Coach, TMW Enterprises

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