Press Release

Encompass Communications and Learning, Inc. announced today it has been recognized by leading technology magazine CIOReview as one of 10 most promising gamification service companies. Encompass specializes in providing life sciences companies with comprehensive training solutions designed to reinforce learning and ensure a true transfer of knowledge.

“Working as a real partner with our clients, we use our expertise in sales, medicine, marketing, and market access to create customized learning journeys. Gamification plays an important role in maximizing knowledge retention during those journeys,” said Jon Madden, Encompass managing partner, president and CFO.

Encompass’s flagship gamification platforms are JOURNEY and EXPEDITION EVEREST. These dynamic, web-based tools are used along with a wide array of proven training solutions to introduce and reinforce key topics as part of corporate initiatives such as product launches and label changes. Both platforms feature Encompass’s proprietary PinPOINT ANALYTICS, which provides user-friendly data and reports that promote learner engagement and can help learners and managers improve performance by quickly identifying areas of strength and opportunity.

To learn more, read CIOReview’s “Gamified Learning That Sticks.