Episode 5: Top 5 Tips for Effective Leadership [Part 2]

Monday, April 12, 2021

With so many daily demands on their time and energy, leaders can forget how important it is to develop their leadership skills. Listen in as Dr. Kelly Tanner, a seasoned industry educator and certified executive coach, provides invaluable insights on leadership with Encompass Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing Jenn Lalli. Kelly shares proven tips on communication, delegation, staying connected, being open to new ideas and mentoring that can help you grow both professionally and personally.

“To be a leader, we have to remain open and empathetic to other people's perspectives. So how do we do that if we never open ourselves up? We have this thing in life where we’re ‘lifelong learners,’ but it doesn't work if we’re ‘lifelong knowers’ . . . we have to demonstrate our openness to learn and grow.”

Kelly Tanner, Ph.D.Kelly Tanner Leadership

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