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In response to the growing need for life sciences companies to adopt new ways of working (WoW) due to rapidly evolving customer expectations and increasing use of digital technologies driven by the pandemic, Encompass Communications and Learning, Inc. has created a fully customizable and flexible commercial engagement excellence curriculum. The four main topics covered include:

  • Mastering omnichannel customer engagement
  • Facilitating internal collaboration and WoW
  • Enhancing leadership and coaching
  • Advancing stakeholder education

“According to an Accenture healthcare provider survey, 87 percent of HCPs said they wanted either all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings with sales reps, even after the pandemic ends,” said Jim Gamgort, Encompass managing partner and chief commercial officer. “Organizations are asking themselves, ‘Are we ready to fully engage customers with an omnichannel strategy?’ This curriculum provides employees with the skills they need to deploy a well-orchestrated approach that harnesses all the resources and tools available to maximize customer engagement.”

To learn more about the new curriculum and how it can position your team for greater success, contact Encompass today.